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Philosophy & Approach

Personalized Medical Care creates an environment that values the needs of the individual patient, continues to focus on the essential role of being a patient advocate and reflects our commitment to the best possible outcome for the patient.

Concierge Doctor Boston & Newton

Get top-tier concierge medical care in Boston with Dr. Lawrence Starr and Dr. Philip Finocchiaro, celebrated for their patient advocacy and personalized approach. Serving Chestnut Hill, Newton, and Brookline, they offer direct access to premier healthcare tailored to your unique needs.


Dr. Lawrence Starr

I have always believed in the importance of a strong doctor/patient relationship which is the cornerstone of traditional medical care. It is one of my core principles of care that the primary care physician has a fundamental role and responsibility to coordinate the complex care of patients and to actively support patients and their families through illness and the challenges of modern medical care.

I never want you to feel rushed – especially when making important decisions that affect your health. Our approach enables you to spend more time with your doctor, ask questions, and get substantial answers.

– Dr. Lawrence Starr

Dr. Philip Finocchiaro

I have the time to be there when you need me, address your health concerns and questions, and take a proactive role in your medical care – the key to helping you get and stay healthy. Patients deserve to be treated with the care and respect that we all would want for ourselves and our family. My goal is to provide you with an experience that will exceed your expectations for a doctor’s office.

Spending time getting to know you and listening carefully helps me understand how your life, work and family situations may be affecting your health – physically, mentally, and emotionally.

– Dr. Philip Finocchiaro