Now Accepting New Members

We would like members of Personalized Medical Care to feel empowered and use their member benefits to maintain their health, prevent disease and work with Dr. Starr to achieve unparalleled quality care.

Our advocacy and unwavering commitment to an exceptional level of service can be found in all of our services.

Appointments To Fit Your Needs

  • Convenient patient hours are available to fit your schedule.
  • Extended appointments ensure quality time with Dr. Starr and allow ample time to discuss and review your health needs and concerns.
  • Extended appointments also allow Dr. Starr to formulate the best course of action and treatment options unique to every member.
  • Minimal wait times.

Specialist Appointments

  • Referrals and specialist recommendations are made through a vetted network of highly qualified specialists.
  • Our staff will assist you in choosing the best specialist for your care and help coordinate all referrals.


  • Scheduled appointments can often be made with less than 24 hours notice.
  • We are committed to being available to our patients 24/7.
  • Direct telephone and email access to the office is always available. Our patients have the ability to contact Dr. Starr directly via email, text, and his personal cell phone.
  • Home visits available under special circumstances.

Nutrition Programs

  • Our dietician will work with you to address current dietary and lifestyle concerns, encourage healthy choices and proactively address your health as a whole.

Urgent Care

  • Same day or next day appointments are usually available for urgent medical concerns.
  • Urgent care concierge coverage if Dr. Starr is unavailable.

Care Coordination

  • Dr. Starr and his staff will help coordinate and manage specialty evaluations and outpatient testing.
  • Dr. Starr and his staff will make every effort to collaborate and help coordinate your medical care during hospitalizations and other aspects of your care.

Office Environment

  • On the rare occasion that a short wait is required, we invite you to enjoy the warmth of our patient area.
  • Our cheerful office and friendly staff will ease any anxiety you may feel and help you navigate all aspects of your health care.

Membership and Insurance Information

  • We accept most insurances and are allowed to refer to any hospital system covered by the patient’s insurance.
  • There is a yearly membership fee required to join Personalized Medical Care.

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