His total focus on me as a patient and his unwavering commitment … to get me well and keep me well gives me a deep sense of security. Larry Starr's ability to practice good, evidence based medicine, with deep human warmth, respect and dignity for his patients is the sign of an exceptional doctor and a very special human being.


In today's medical environment, it is so reassuring to have a truly patient-centered experience. Over the years I cannot count the number of times when, after an office visit, I got a follow up phone call (or two or three) from Larry over the next few days, checking to see how I was doing.


I have not met many people who are as professionally able, dedicated, kind and thoughtful as Dr. Starr. I appreciate having him as a key part of my support team as I move forward in my life. It is reassuring to know he is there for me.


- Harvey B


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