Philosophy & Approach

I have always believed in the importance of a strong doctor/patient relationship which is the cornerstone of traditional medical care. Personalized Medical Care creates an environment that values the needs of the individual patient, continues to focus on the essential role of being a patient advocate and reflects my commitment to the best possible outcome for the patient.


It is one of my core principles of care that the primary care physician has a fundamental role and responsibility to coordinate the complex care of my patients and to actively support patients and their families through illness and the challenges of modern medical care.


I will continue to use my long-standing and strong relationships with other physicians to ensure the very best care and prompt referrals to specialists in the medical community. I believe that it is extremely important to work closely with the specialists, in conjunction with maintaining ongoing communication with the patient, to develop the best plan of care for the individual patient.


Excellence and expertise in medical care should be accomplished with empathy and compassion for the patient and his or her family. Patients deserve to be treated with the care and respect that we all would want for ourselves or our loved ones.

I believe that it is a privilege to be a physician. I pledge to continue what I feel is my professional obligation to use my experience and training to deliver the very highest quality of medical care.

Dr. Lawrence A. Starr

Personalized Medical Care

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